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Helen Cook

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Helen Cook is a Psychologist based in Port Macquarie and offers a counselling service aimed at not only helping people overcome emotional barriers in their lives, but also the development of new skills and coping strategies, which can be used to maximise a person’s potential for happiness and achievement.

Her website was originally built using Business Catalyst as the client required a full suite of tools including Event Management, CRM and Email Newsletters. I designed and built a customised website on the BC platform which was then used for several years.

Recently Helen contacted me to work out how to reduce the monthly cost of running the website as she was planning to wind down the business to take an extended break. I recommended that we move the website over to WordPress, so that she would still have an easy way to update the content, but no longer being paying for the additional features of BC that she no longer required. The transition over to WordPress was a quick and easy process – setting up the hosting, setting up the CMS and email accounts and then updating the website templates to function on WordPress instead of Business Catalyst. Helen has found both systems to be easy for her to work with, and is happy to now have a simpler website to manage with reduced ongoing costs.

Helen Cook new logoIn May 2014, Helen moved away from her original business name of Spectrum Psychology and is now operating under her own name, as Helen Cook – Psychologist. As part of this change I have designed a brand new logo for her, and updated her website with the new logo and freshened up the main image banner of the website to suit.